Where can I go to fix my Hair Transplant procedure without having it go wrong again?


Actual Hair Transplant Revision Surgery Case performed by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti

Bald Gossip was founded and exists today for the purpose of educating the millions of people around the world who have suffered a bad hair transplant result and are now looking for a surgeon to repair it. We've personally seen and heard too many horror stories about hair transplants that have gone wrong – usually to the fault of clinics spending more money on marketing than on skilled surgeons.

Many patients who have gone to non-reputable surgeons (or at times even reputable hair transplant surgeons) were left with bad hair transplant results because of carelessness, inexperience or incompetence on part of the surgeons and / or their team. It could be that attention wasn't given to caring for the grafts during the surgery, poorly grafted growth that leaves the patient with hair plugs on their head, the angle of the grafts were placed wrongly or even a surgeon who does not have an aesthetic eye to create a hairline that leaves an real result. The reasons are myriad, but the result is one – a patient left high and dry with another procedure which may cost even more!

Our website consists of top surgeons from around the world who have been in the hair transplant industry for many years with vast experience and with great patients results. We aim to show how each surgeon has repaired a previous bad hair transplant result that was done by a third party surgeon.

We hope you will find our website useful – Bald Gossip prides itself on strictly providing factual information on hair restoration with no sugar-coated answers that are designed to prey on a potential patients wallet.

Hair transplant for the very first time?

Bald Gossip's carefully selected surgeons are some of the most experienced, reputable, and sought after surgeons in the hair restoration industry. It takes a unique set of skills to improve a bad hair transplant, whether it's a punch graft repair, adding more density, or a strip hair transplant scar repair. Because our list of surgeons are the best in the world at repairs, it's no surprise that they're also leading the pack with first-time hair transplant patients. Whether you're a repair patient, or seeking a hair transplant for the very first time, we recommend you start your search with the surgeons featured on BaldGossip.com

Featured Hair Transplant Revision Surgeons

Choosing the right hair transplant surgeon to repair the poor results from a previous procedure is essential so that you don’t make the same mistake twice. Bald Gossip recommends certified hair restoration surgeons that meet a variety of strict criteria including natural looking results and consistent patient satisfaction.