Had a poor hair transplant result?

bad hair transplantHad a poor hair transplant result? If you get a hair transplant procedure done at a respected clinic, you will end up with a bushier and more complete covering of hair on your head, as well as look younger and experience better self-esteem. However, if you don’t do your homework and get it done at a lesser known and less experienced clinic/surgeon, your experience could end up being horrific. Here are a few things to watch out for regarding poor hair transplant surgeries: Massive Scar Tissue It’s common to have a scar of some sort when you get any surgical procedure. This is especially true with hair transplants since precise procedures and attention to detail are vital. If a surgeon makes unneeded cuts or cuts at the wrong angle, the patient can end up with horrific scars for life. Plus, that makes it more likely bacteria or other germs can get into the incisions and that can cause even more scars. That’s why it is vital to find the best possible hair transplant surgeon who has the reputation of doing a high quality job. Hair Grows in Wrong Direction The arrangement of hair follicles has to be done at a precise angle, be placed at a certain optimal depth, and planted in the correct direction if you want hair that looks natural. When this is not done, the result is unnatural looking hair growing out of the head. That means it could even look worse than a wig. Bigger grafts Have you ever looked closely at what a doll’s scalp and hair looks like? Then you should understand what is meant by bigger grafts. Two or three hairs make up one graft in a human’s scalp. These need to be separated into single follicle pieces and transplanted properly. If instead bigger grafts of more than a single unit are used, it will look like plugs of hair like a doll! Lousy evaluation of donor site It’s also important to evaluate the donor area before the surgeon removes grafts of hair. If the person, for instance has scalp problem, than the hair is unsuitable for transplant. So, if it is used, the results will not be good because the hair is likely too weak. So, you will end up with a bad looking head of hair. Ugly hairline An ugly hairline is what shows up in the majority of badly done hair transplant surgeries. The usual hairline appears around 1.5 cm directly above a crease in the eyebrows, but everyone’s face is different, so it must be studied prior to the hair transplant. It requires skill and artistic ability of the surgeon. If they have a lot of practice doing them, you will end up with a good looking hairline that matches the shape of your face as best as can be. Infections Life-threatening infections that appear after hair transplant surgery shows that the surgeon and their team had little experience and that it is not a reputable clinic. They may have used inadequate tools or not had the right training. This is another reason it is important to choose the correct clinic so you don’t get an infection afterward. A cutting-edge clinic is going to have the best trained, professional hair transplant surgeons, as well as the best tools, technology and management. So, by picking the best hair transplant clinic you will be assured that your hair transplant surgery will end up with you having a handsome head of hair and getting compliments from everyone.