Monthly archive for August 2015

How vital is Graft Dissection in FUT

Be it a follicular unit transfer or simply follicular unit extraction, one facet that may be very common to both, is the adequate dissection of the grafts that have been developed. In FUT, it is more essential, because in the process of harvesting the grafts the entire […]

Signs of a Bad Hair Transplant

It is important to note that not all hair transplants are successful, particularly if the specialist is not qualified and sufficiently inexperienced to do it. Moreover, similar to any method, hair transplant surgery likewise has its own arrangement of plausible symptoms. On the off-chance that you happen […]

Ziering Medical UK have been told to withdraw misleading ad

It is a question many a balding man may have asked in his struggle between vanity, vanishing hair and healthy scepticism: the treatments in those ads, showing transformations from thinning to luxuriant mane – do they really work? A partial, but rather dispiriting answer will be provided […]

Scar Repaired by Dr Rogers

The photos and information is provided by Dr Rogers of Westminster Clinic Photo 1 – This patient was very self conscious about his strip scar, although acceptable, it didn’t allow him to have his hair short. He was also nervous about having anything done in case it […]

Waiting Hairline Disaster

Aging, medications, hereditary condition and other underlying factors are some of the reasons for thinning and balding hair. Certain hair loss can also be brought by temporary stress that you may be experiencing. That is the reason why many people with hair loss problems are opting to […]