Monthly archive for September 2015

Is India popular place for a hair transplant or to repair a hair transplant?

The study states that the present price of having hair transplant surgery has gone up 30% since 2006. When it comes to merely doing a hair transplant procedure, the first 2 places of choice would be India or Turkey. There are numerous possibilities in India for patients […]

Can a Hair transplant be a disaster for young people?

For several years, problems associated with hair loss have being a thing of concern when it comes to men. Men with complete hair loss or hairline that had receded and those who tried to mask the issue with a bad toupee or even have hair transplant surgery […]

How does Poor Hair Growth Occur after Hair Transplant?

During hair restoration process many factors are attributed to cause hair transplant disaster. They include grafts that dry out when left out in the holding solution for a long period. Grafts can get damaged in the dissection period or traumatized when the grafts are held too firmly. […]

Should you proceed for single session or multi session hair transplant without being a hair disaster

At the point when an individual who is Norwood 5 – 7 and is thinking about having a hair transplant, there are few important things to taking into consideration like whether they ought to go in for a one time session, where a vast range of the […]

Quality of the punch device = Bad Hair Transplant?

Very interesting question was posted on our forum from our member Sam T: “I know surgeon skills are heavily involved here but surely the qualities of the tools are part to play aswell.” Below is the answer from our member Hairtech who is highly experienced in the […]

Wrong Donor Incision can lead to a Bad Hair Transplant

In this article, we will look into another essential feature that can end up being a bad hair transplant result. The donor area must be regarded with the same amount of consideration and exactness as the scalp area. In the event that the contributor region has not […]