Monthly archive for October 2015

Fixing my Bald Crown

The area in the crown should be viewed with extreme caution. There are several reasons for this: For the client, the crown is usually less important, unless it’s the only place where his hair loss manifests. It does little or nothing for the presence of the client. […]

Shoddy hair transplant photos

Here some practical examples of so-called results of a hair transplant. This is twice the same man. The top picture shows the skull before treatment. The second photograph shows the top of the head so-called after treatment. The one, however, what has happened is a lower division […]

Repair my Patchy Beard

Why Do You Have a Patchy Looking Beard? Do you have a patchy looking beard or thinning hair on your head? If so, it is possible it is being caused by a hormonal imbalance and you might desire hair transplant revision. Testosterone is the male reproductive hormone […]

How much will you pay to fix your Facial Beard?

Hair transplants are a preferred method of treating patients with a hair loss. They all enjoy the thought of having hair again after losing their hair permanently. Next in popularity after head hair transplants is transplanting facial hair. Even though this is getting more popular, a lot […]