Monthly archive for November 2015

Hair Disaster if Robotics took over?

Will Robotics replace a Human’s Touch in doing Hair Transplants or will it be a disaster? As follicular unit transplant (FUT) was developed, the end result was much more natural in how it looked. They no longer transplanted large clumps, instead they used hair follicles, which were […]

Side effects that can leave your hair transplant as a disaster

Anyone contemplating getting hair transplant should know about the possible hair transplant side effects before undergoing such a procedure. Hair transplant is an accepted practice amid both men and women who desire a way to fight being bald. Even though hair transplant is said to be safe, […]

Why is my beard patchy?

If you your bead is patchy or your head has thinning hair on it, the probable reason is that you have an imbalance of hormones and could need hair transplant repair. The male reproductive hormone testosterone is what helps men to have their masculine features like being […]