Monthly archive for June 2016

Hair Transplant Doctors fight against Unethical Transplanters

Doctors in India are banding together to stop unethical hair transplant operations from happening, especially since there have been a significant increase in the numbers of disaster hair transplant procedures in the country due to these dishonourable practitioners. The group of hair transplant surgeons have written letters […]

Should I Ponder in getting a hair transplant If I Just have a small amount of hair loss?

Some people think only men with the ultimate loss of hair or with a very serious receding hairline are the ones who want hair transplants. However, that’s not true at all. The truth is many men with only a little hair loss think about receiving a hair […]

Are Hair Vitamins Good for you or not?

At Bald Gossip we get asked a lot about Vitamin tablets, are they any good for hair loss? Hair vitamins make the industry lots of money, and that is true even though there isn’t much evidence these items really work. The question is are customers wasting their […]