Monthly archive for September 2016

Do not have a Hair Transplant

There are many hair loss patients out there who don’t do enough research on hair transplant before having the procedure, now if you are lucky and chosen the right surgeon than you will have a good result after 18 months or so, now what if you chosen […]

Side Effects of Hair Loss Medications

Here at Bald Gossip we try to educate the pros and cons of all conceivable tactics to treat hair loss, as well as having the option of no treatment and just accepting being bald. In the end, our goal is to aid people whose hair is thinning […]

Is it a disaster in using body hair transplant?

Body Hair Transplant Hair transplant is the best technique to regrow hair onto someone’s head if they have gone bald. It is easy to admit that this technique is the single way to get hair to grow if the person has total bald spots. Yet, hair transplant […]