Get a hair transplant at home or overseas?

hair_transplantMany more people are going overseas to get cosmetic work done on themselves, including hair transplants. These have become very frequent, and large numbers of men are doing it in order to save money. But, they may not know that even if they save money, their lives could be in danger. Their safety and their odds of getting a successful hair transplant are in danger. In fact, they would be much better off if they got their procedures done in their own countries. Here are some of the possible dangers: Infection is a huge concern when getting a hair transplant. Every country has its own rules and regulations concerning licenses and certification processes. Hair clinics in UK must have registration, but some other countries don’t follow this rule. So, recipients might have the transplant done by someone not very qualified or experienced. That means you could get both a bad looking outcome or even a bad infection like the norovirus or worse. What can a recipient even do if this happens to them? The recipient of a bad hair transplant will still have to pay for it, and if any other issue happens, likely they can’t do much to fix it. It’s very hard to try to sue someone in court if the clinic is in a foreign country. Plus, you may end up paying to have the whole procedure done over to make it look right. So, that ends up making it cost even more, so you won’t be saving by going to the foreign country. So, if you are tempted to get a hair transplant overseas, please do your homework on the clinic and the surgeon. If you need more advice please contact us and we would be happy to help in anyway or you can try our forum ( for more questions & answers.