Repairing unskilled surgeon hair transplant


Hair transplants gave bald people hope, but they didn’t realize one can sometimes end up causing an abnormal, plugged up hairline. Patients who meet unknowing unskilled surgeons saying that they would permanently cure their bald head by having a hair transplant. Some ended up with bad hair […]

2nd Anniversary of Serving the Hair Transplant Repair Community


We are so proud to announce that we’ve reached our second year of serving the hair transplant repair community. It’s thanks to our competent surgeons, patients, members, family and friends, that we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary – we couldn’t have done it without you. So, what have we […]

Hippocratic Oath or Hypocritical Oaf?


When I was a teen I had an incredible Doctor. Incredible because he could balance the ash on the end of his cigarette until it was at least twice as long as the butt he kept constantly between his lips. He was one of life’s characters. He […]

Evading Problems When Planning For Hair Transplants


                      Misc. facts patients need to know to stay away from problems. Don’t use the Yellow Pages to pick a hair transplant surgeon, or choose he surgeon from a poster, an internet forum or a publicist. Instead, […]

Dr Bijan Feriduni hair transplant repair case?

Hair Transplant repair

Revision Surgeon: Dr. Bijan Feriduni Patient Details: Age 36 Grafts: 3950 Details: A combination treatment of FUT and FUE with 3950 FU has been performed in a single day session to restore the hairline, temples and temporal peaks and to add density to the central core; A scar revision in […]

What difficulties might happen due to early Crown transplants?


Most people’s baldness keeps going even after a hair transplant, so that means their crown area will grow and so the area where the transplanted hair is becomes separated from the rest of the hair and could look strange. The doctor can do more hair transplants to […]

Get a hair transplant at home or overseas?

hair transplant

Many more people are going overseas to get cosmetic work done on themselves, including hair transplants. These have become very frequent, and large numbers of men are doing it in order to save money. But, they may not know that even if they save money, their lives […]

To avoid having a hair transplant repair

Hair Transplant repair

  To avoid having a hair transplant repair here are six items to think about before you get hair transplant. It’s not magical but can be a hair transplant repair job In order to have successful hair transplant surgery, you have to have sufficient donor hair to […]

My bald head looks like an egg

hair repair

To have strong hair you need protein, and eggs are a super source of it, and eggs are a good part of keeping balance in your diet and help prevent going bald. They are full of nutrients, like Vitamins B2 and D. But will eggs help if […]

Hair Transplant Scar

Hair Transplant scar

Surgery for restoring hair has been a possible choice for balding men for a long time. It both restores their hair coverage, and makes them more confident but this will come with having a hair transplant scar. It is important for men who had a FUT hair […]