Strength of The Human Hair

  Strength…a lot of people might think that the human hair is fragile and weak. But they will be surprised at how strong the human hair is. To help it retain its strength and health, it must be well cared for, and it must be treated right. […]

Cheap Hair Transplants – The Danger of this

It is quite usual to look for cheap things as humans. It is something most of us do. We look for coupon codes, Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals and more. But sometimes when we go for cheap things, we sacrifice quality for pricing which could lead […]

2017 Hair Transplant Statistics

Hair Transplant Statistics – Recently, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) released its 2017 practice census results. About 300 physician members of the ISHRS participated in the census. 87% of ISHRS members that responded to the survey are male while 13% are female. The data […]

Diagnostic tests that Trichologist perform

Trichologist will check the condition of your scalp, your hair physically and ask you questions pertaining to your lifestyle. This is necessary so your scalp can be evaluated properly and the correct treatment can be applied. A check is necessary no matter the symptoms or worries you […]

Going Cheap is not the answer?

Going Cheap is not the answer?…hair transplants are ideal for people that are experiencing hair loss or those that have bald hair. They are delicate procedures that have to be performed by qualified surgeons. When done correctly, hair transplants could solve a lot of issues and leave […]

Hair Solutions for Transgender Men and Women

A lot of Transgender people who go for surgeries during their transition choose to have hair transplants apart from other therapies and procedures. There are so many things that need to be considered when a hair transplant is to be performed on a Transgender person so it […]

Are Hair Transplants Effective for Everybody?

Are Hair Transplants Effective for everybody…well what we can say is that its safe, effective and long-term treatments for hair loss. There are other treatments like hair regrowth sprays, steroids, medications, gels, creams, injections etc. But all these other treatments have side effects and they cause infections, […]

Hair transplant disaster, is it possible to fix a Bad Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants have been successful for many people. But there is still the unpleasant fact that there are still hair transplant disasters that have left patients scarred mentally and physically. It feels so bad when you have prepared yourself for a hair transplant surgical operation only to […]

Repairing unskilled surgeon hair transplant

Hair transplants gave bald people hope, but they didn’t realize one can sometimes end up causing an abnormal, plugged up hairline. Patients who meet unknowing unskilled surgeons saying that they would permanently cure their bald head by having a hair transplant. Some ended up with bad hair […]

2nd Anniversary of Serving the Hair Transplant Repair Community

We are so proud to announce that we’ve reached our second year of serving the hair transplant repair community. It’s thanks to our competent surgeons, patients, members, family and friends, that we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary – we couldn’t have done it without you. So, what have we […]