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Are Hair Transplants Effective for Everybody?

Are Hair Transplants Effective for everybody…well what we can say is that its safe, effective and long-term treatments for hair loss. There are other treatments like hair regrowth sprays, steroids, medications, gels, creams, injections etc. But all these other treatments have side effects and they cause infections, […]

Hair transplant disaster, is it possible to fix a Bad Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants have been successful for many people. But there is still the unpleasant fact that there are still hair transplant disasters that have left patients scarred mentally and physically. It feels so bad when you have prepared yourself for a hair transplant surgical operation only to […]

Repairing unskilled surgeon hair transplant

Hair transplants gave bald people hope, but they didn’t realize one can sometimes end up causing an abnormal, plugged up hairline. Patients who meet unknowing unskilled surgeons saying that they would permanently cure their bald head by having a hair transplant. Some ended up with bad hair […]

Hippocratic Oath or Hypocritical Oaf?

When I was a teen I had an incredible Doctor. Incredible because he could balance the ash on the end of his cigarette until it was at least twice as long as the butt he kept constantly between his lips. He was one of life’s characters. He […]

Hair Transplant Scar

Surgery for restoring hair has been a possible choice for balding men for a long time. It both restores their hair coverage, and makes them more confident but this will come with having a hair transplant scar. It is important for men who had a FUT hair […]

Cost For FUE Based on Several Factors

What a hair transplant clinic charges for its services depends on several factors, as well as the exact type of treatment. For instance, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) consists of taking follicular units of donor hair out of the scalp one unit at a time, while Follicular Unit […]

Had a poor hair transplant result?

Had a poor hair transplant result? If you get a hair transplant procedure done at a respected clinic, you will end up with a bushier and more complete covering of hair on your head, as well as look younger and experience better self-esteem. However, if you don’t […]

Do not have a Hair Transplant

There are many hair loss patients out there who don’t do enough research on hair transplant before having the procedure, now if you are lucky and chosen the right surgeon than you will have a good result after 18 months or so, now what if you chosen […]

Is it a disaster in using body hair transplant?

Body Hair Transplant Hair transplant is the best technique to regrow hair onto someone’s head if they have gone bald. It is easy to admit that this technique is the single way to get hair to grow if the person has total bald spots. Yet, hair transplant […]

Will my insurance policy pay for fixing my hair transplant?

The cost of hair transplants is a big reason to have a lot of thoughts regarding it, and so a lot of potential patients wonder if their insurance covers the cost. Regrettably, insurance does not pay for hair transplants. Insurance coverage provided for such things is generally […]