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What difficulties can happen if the crown is transplanted too soon?

Most people will continue to have hair loss and then the crown also keeps expanding and thus the area that was transplanted will be separated from the rest of the scalp and than in the future it will need filling in again or repairing. Even though the […]

Having a Hairy Chest Could help to repair your aided Scalp

Did you know that chest hair can be useful if you begin to lose scalp hair? Usually, when doing hair restoration, the grafts are taken from the person back of their head or on the side of their head (donor area), and then put into the balding […]

Poor hair grafts = Poor hair transplant result

The rate of hair graft survival is a big worry of both the patient and the surgeon(s), in regards to surgery for hair transplants. The hair transplant surgeon main goal is to implant all of the grafts they harvest from the donor site onto the patient’s head […]

Repairing FUT Scars – pt 2

Scars are unsightly looking whatever part of the body they are on. Folks sometimes think a facial scar is the worst looking of all, however, if you ask folks who have scalp scars, they are likely to say these are also awful. Several reasons can cause a […]

Repairing FUT Scars

Because FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is now the procedure most done all over the world, lots of these patients have scars on the backside of the head due to a donor strip removed in their surgical procedure. With the majority of these patients though, that scar is […]

Hair Disaster if Robotics took over?

Will Robotics replace a Human’s Touch in doing Hair Transplants or will it be a disaster? As follicular unit transplant (FUT) was developed, the end result was much more natural in how it looked. They no longer transplanted large clumps, instead they used hair follicles, which were […]

Quality of the punch device = Bad Hair Transplant?

Very interesting question was posted on our forum from our member Sam T: “I know surgeon skills are heavily involved here but surely the qualities of the tools are part to play aswell.” Below is the answer from our member Hairtech who is highly experienced in the […]

Scar Repaired by Dr Rogers

The photos and information is provided by Dr Rogers of Westminster Clinic Photo 1 – This patient was very self conscious about his strip scar, although acceptable, it didn’t allow him to have his hair short. He was also nervous about having anything done in case it […]

Losing Your Hair? Your Beard Might Be The Answer

Despite efforts to obtain an adequate supply of donor hair from the scalp, sometimes there isn’t enough patient donor hair available to make a hair transplant possible. Hair transplant surgeons then have to look for another supply of donor hair. read article in full…

Benefits of Advanced Hair Transplants Using FUE

FUE is typically associated with a now outdated FUT technique. Here are a few of the main benefits of the advanced version of FUE: There are No Scars While doing the Follicular Unit Extraction, a physician uses special tools to remove the hair follicle grafts from the […]