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Hair Solutions for Transgender Men and Women

A lot of Transgender people who go for surgeries during their transition choose to have hair transplants apart from other therapies and procedures. There are so many things that need to be considered when a hair transplant is to be performed on a Transgender person so it […]

Are Hair Transplants Effective for Everybody?

Are Hair Transplants Effective for everybody…well what we can say is that its safe, effective and long-term treatments for hair loss. There are other treatments like hair regrowth sprays, steroids, medications, gels, creams, injections etc. But all these other treatments have side effects and they cause infections, […]

Evading Problems When Planning For Hair Transplants

                      Misc. facts patients need to know to stay away from problems. Don’t use the Yellow Pages to pick a hair transplant surgeon, or choose he surgeon from a poster, an internet forum or a publicist. Instead, […]

Hair Loss Cons

Watch out for false data you may read on hair loss, as it’s just written so that you will purchase highly expensive fake “cures.” Watch out for the following lies about hair loss: Congested hair follicles I bet you have seen dozens of advertisements saying hair loss […]

Ways to Grow Hair Quicker

We get a lot of emails asking how to grow donor and native hair back quickly after a hair transplant. Hopefully this article will help to speed up your growth. So, lots of things help hair grow quicker, such as eating adequate amounts of protein, along with […]

Shoddy hair transplant photos

Here some practical examples of so-called results of a hair transplant. This is twice the same man. The top picture shows the skull before treatment. The second photograph shows the top of the head so-called after treatment. The one, however, what has happened is a lower division […]

Repair my Patchy Beard

Why Do You Have a Patchy Looking Beard? Do you have a patchy looking beard or thinning hair on your head? If so, it is possible it is being caused by a hormonal imbalance and you might desire hair transplant revision. Testosterone is the male reproductive hormone […]

How much will you pay to fix your Facial Beard?

Hair transplants are a preferred method of treating patients with a hair loss. They all enjoy the thought of having hair again after losing their hair permanently. Next in popularity after head hair transplants is transplanting facial hair. Even though this is getting more popular, a lot […]

Quality of the punch device = Bad Hair Transplant?

Very interesting question was posted on our forum from our member Sam T: “I know surgeon skills are heavily involved here but surely the qualities of the tools are part to play aswell.” Below is the answer from our member Hairtech who is highly experienced in the […]

Ziering Medical UK have been told to withdraw misleading ad

It is a question many a balding man may have asked in his struggle between vanity, vanishing hair and healthy scepticism: the treatments in those ads, showing transformations from thinning to luxuriant mane – do they really work? A partial, but rather dispiriting answer will be provided […]