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Evading Problems When Planning For Hair Transplants

                      Misc. facts patients need to know to stay away from problems. Don’t use the Yellow Pages to pick a hair transplant surgeon, or choose he surgeon from a poster, an internet forum or a publicist. Instead, […]

Get a hair transplant at home or overseas?

Many more people are going overseas to get cosmetic work done on themselves, including hair transplants. These have become very frequent, and large numbers of men are doing it in order to save money. But, they may not know that even if they save money, their lives […]

Hair Loss Cons

Watch out for false data you may read on hair loss, as it’s just written so that you will purchase highly expensive fake “cures.” Watch out for the following lies about hair loss: Congested hair follicles I bet you have seen dozens of advertisements saying hair loss […]

Scalp Micropigmentation to treat scars after a Hair Transplant Surgery

Getting scalp micropigmentation is one of the latest movements for both males and females who have lost hair. It makes them look like they have a shaved head, or it can give them the look of a fake head of fuller hair. Due to this, it is […]

Had a poor hair transplant result?

Had a poor hair transplant result? If you get a hair transplant procedure done at a respected clinic, you will end up with a bushier and more complete covering of hair on your head, as well as look younger and experience better self-esteem. However, if you don’t […]

Ways to Grow Hair Quicker

We get a lot of emails asking how to grow donor and native hair back quickly after a hair transplant. Hopefully this article will help to speed up your growth. So, lots of things help hair grow quicker, such as eating adequate amounts of protein, along with […]

Do not have a Hair Transplant

There are many hair loss patients out there who don’t do enough research on hair transplant before having the procedure, now if you are lucky and chosen the right surgeon than you will have a good result after 18 months or so, now what if you chosen […]

The Fab 4 Treatment

A quick check on the internet to find herbal hair loss treatments will show that there are millions of websites. Confusing? Well, in reality, you don’t have to be confused, as there are in reality a mere four that are proven and recognized to work. The longing […]

Are Hair Vitamins Good for you or not?

At Bald Gossip we get asked a lot about Vitamin tablets, are they any good for hair loss? Hair vitamins make the industry lots of money, and that is true even though there isn’t much evidence these items really work. The question is are customers wasting their […]

Can ACell /PRP Hair Loss Treatment help repair poor hair transplant growth.

ACell/PRP hair loss management is the most up to date treatment in non-surgical styles of hair restoration and to repair poor hair growth. A main reason for its unceasingly growing demand for PRP treatment is its capability to provide enduring results – which have been known to […]