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Where can someone get a great hair transplant?

These days with the present worldwide business world getting created, you can find lots of great hair transplant surgeons from around the world. There are lots of clinics where someone can get help from well-known surgeons who work in world-class clinics. In fact, in the United States, […]

Why does Hair Transplant treatments get Bad Press?

The Superstar Effect It’s well known that blogs and newspaper articles like to badmouth superstars, particularly when talking about how they look. Just search Google online for a superstar’s name and you will instantly see all kinds of caustic articles on them. All this badmouthing of superstars […]

Will my insurance policy pay for fixing my hair transplant?

The cost of hair transplants is a big reason to have a lot of thoughts regarding it, and so a lot of potential patients wonder if their insurance covers the cost. Regrettably, insurance does not pay for hair transplants. Insurance coverage provided for such things is generally […]

What difficulties can happen if the crown is transplanted too soon?

Most people will continue to have hair loss and then the crown also keeps expanding and thus the area that was transplanted will be separated from the rest of the scalp and than in the future it will need filling in again or repairing. Even though the […]

Can Scalp micropigmentation repair my hair transplant

Scalp micropigmentation, also called SMP, is a progressively popular hair loss treatment for people having several kinds of hair loss, such as androgenic alopecia, a condition that affects men and women and that is very common for hair loss victims. When you get SMP treatment, the extremely […]

Hair Transplant Doctors fight against Unethical Transplanters

Doctors in India are banding together to stop unethical hair transplant operations from happening, especially since there have been a significant increase in the numbers of disaster hair transplant procedures in the country due to these dishonourable practitioners. The group of hair transplant surgeons have written letters […]

Should I Ponder in getting a hair transplant If I Just have a small amount of hair loss?

Some people think only men with the ultimate loss of hair or with a very serious receding hairline are the ones who want hair transplants. However, that’s not true at all. The truth is many men with only a little hair loss think about receiving a hair […]

Having a Hairy Chest Could help to repair your aided Scalp

Did you know that chest hair can be useful if you begin to lose scalp hair? Usually, when doing hair restoration, the grafts are taken from the person back of their head or on the side of their head (donor area), and then put into the balding […]

Build muscle and lose hair?

“Over the last few weeks, we have had a lot of questions asking whether taking supplements for workout causes baldness”. You may of had your first hair transplant or even repaired your hair transplant, but regular workouts with dietary supplements may cause to lose your native hair. […]

Can ACell /PRP Hair Loss Treatment help repair poor hair transplant growth.

ACell/PRP hair loss management is the most up to date treatment in non-surgical styles of hair restoration and to repair poor hair growth. A main reason for its unceasingly growing demand for PRP treatment is its capability to provide enduring results – which have been known to […]