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Going Cheap is not the answer?

Going Cheap is not the answer?…hair transplants are ideal for people that are experiencing hair loss or those that have bald hair. They are delicate procedures that have to be performed by qualified surgeons. When done correctly, hair transplants could solve a lot of issues and leave […]

Dr Bijan Feriduni hair transplant repair case?

Revision Surgeon: Dr. Bijan Feriduni Patient Details: Age 36 Grafts: 3950 Details: A combination treatment of FUT and FUE with 3950 FU has been performed in a single day session to restore the hairline, temples and temporal peaks and to add density to the central core; A scar revision in […]

To avoid having a hair transplant repair

  To avoid having a hair transplant repair here are six items to think about before you get hair transplant. It’s not magical but can be a hair transplant repair job In order to have successful hair transplant surgery, you have to have sufficient donor hair to […]

Scalp Micropigmentation to treat scars after a Hair Transplant Surgery

Getting scalp micropigmentation is one of the latest movements for both males and females who have lost hair. It makes them look like they have a shaved head, or it can give them the look of a fake head of fuller hair. Due to this, it is […]

Why does Hair Transplant treatments get Bad Press?

The Superstar Effect It’s well known that blogs and newspaper articles like to badmouth superstars, particularly when talking about how they look. Just search Google online for a superstar’s name and you will instantly see all kinds of caustic articles on them. All this badmouthing of superstars […]

Can Scalp micropigmentation repair my hair transplant

Scalp micropigmentation, also called SMP, is a progressively popular hair loss treatment for people having several kinds of hair loss, such as androgenic alopecia, a condition that affects men and women and that is very common for hair loss victims. When you get SMP treatment, the extremely […]

Impact of Surgical Technique and Nuance vs Choice of Scar Shape

Perception of a cosmetic result by a lay bystander should be the endgame of any aesthetic surgical endeavor. Too often, we judge aesthetic results by our own academic, esteemed criteria without regard to how that person is perceived by the public at large. Simply put, does the […]

PRP (Platelete-Rich Plasma) in young female with fronto temporal recession

Men and women are both affected by hair loss as they mature over time.  Some will eventually try products to maintain their hair and slow the progression of the hair loss.  Through a cycling process, our hair actively grows for a given amount of time.  Hair loss […]

Fixing my Bald Crown

The area in the crown should be viewed with extreme caution. There are several reasons for this: For the client, the crown is usually less important, unless it’s the only place where his hair loss manifests. It does little or nothing for the presence of the client. […]

Is India popular place for a hair transplant or to repair a hair transplant?

The study states that the present price of having hair transplant surgery has gone up 30% since 2006. When it comes to merely doing a hair transplant procedure, the first 2 places of choice would be India or Turkey. There are numerous possibilities in India for patients […]