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What difficulties might happen due to early Crown transplants?

Most people’s baldness keeps going even after a hair transplant, so that means their crown area will grow and so the area where the transplanted hair is becomes separated from the rest of the hair and could look strange. The doctor can do more hair transplants to […]

Don’t get stressed out!

Recent study shows that hair loss can be caused by Stress It’s well known that the majority of hair loss instances are due to aging. Statistics show that 40 percent of men loss a large amount of their hair by 35 years old, and by 60 years […]

Wrong Donor Incision can lead to a Bad Hair Transplant

In this article, we will look into another essential feature that can end up being a bad hair transplant result. The donor area must be regarded with the same amount of consideration and exactness as the scalp area. In the event that the contributor region has not […]

Waiting Hairline Disaster

Aging, medications, hereditary condition and other underlying factors are some of the reasons for thinning and balding hair. Certain hair loss can also be brought by temporary stress that you may be experiencing. That is the reason why many people with hair loss problems are opting to […]

5 Hair Care Tips – For The Rains

The pit-a-pat of the Monsoons might elate your spirits but it does the reverse for your crowning glory. It leaves it coarse, frizzy, mucky and yucky! Follow the following Darling Buds tips and stay blessed through the Monsoons: 1. Wash your hair once or twice a day. […]