Going Cheap is not the answer?

cheap_hairtransplantGoing Cheap is not the answer?…hair transplants are ideal for people that are experiencing hair loss or those that have bald hair. They are delicate procedures that have to be performed by qualified surgeons. When done correctly, hair transplants could solve a lot of issues and leave a patient looking much better than before. When done incorrectly, a hair transplant could make someone look even worse. This article will explain why people end up with bad hair transplants in the first place. Quack, Inexperienced Surgeons This is the major cause of bad hair transplants. A hair transplant surgery needs to be carried out by a well-trained and experienced surgeon. But some people go for cheap, inexperienced and unqualified surgeons. This way, they end up with terrible, bad hair transplants. A qualified surgeon will only perform a hair transplant based on the results of a proper consultation. A qualified surgeon will know about things like how to extract donor hair follicles, how to make tiny incisions at the exact angles and locations. An unqualified surgeon won’t know how to handle hair follicles well. These unqualified surgeons are numerous at fake clinics that attract people with cheap hair transplants. Unqualified surgeons also use old outdated methods like bald scalp reduction, scalp flap surgery and others. Little or No Consultation Before having a hair transplant procedure, one must first consult with a trichologist. The trichologist will ask for your medical history, diet, lifestyle, hair care routine, and carry out blood tests and other examinations of your scalp and your hair. This consultation process is highly important as it will help the trichologist determine if a hair transplant surgery can be performed or not. It will also tell the trichologist necessary information they need to know before the hair transplant surgery. But sadly, a lot of people do not have proper consultations with a good trichologist before they go for their hair transplant surgery. This makes them end up with bad results. Getting A Transplant at The Wrong Age Most trichologists advice that a hair transplant should not be done before the age of 25. Those that are younger than 25 years of age have less donor hair supply. The surgeon won’t be able to predict how severe their hair loss is accurately. But an unqualified surgeon will go ahead with the surgery regardless of how young you are. It is best you wait till you are at least 25 years old before you go for a hair transplant surgery. This way, a successful surgery is guaranteed. Conclusion Bad surgeons, inadequate consultation and hair transplant procedure at a young age are the reasons why people end up with hair transplant disasters. The key to getting a good hair transplant is getting a good clinic with well-experienced surgeons. They will ensure that you are of the right age and they will carry out all necessary tests before working on your hair. Remember that cheap things are not always the best things. Thankfully, there are hair transplant repair procedures for those that have fallen victim to a bad hair transplant. The corrective procedures will fix anything that went wrong with your initial surgery. Here at Bald Gossip we have surgeons from around the world who can help repair your hair transplant…. http://baldgossip.com/hair-transplant-revision-surgeons/ Dr. Bijan Feriduni, Dr. Bessam Farjo, Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Dr. Patrick Mwamba, Dr. John Peter Cole, Dr. Raghu Reddy, Dr. Samuel Lam, Dr. Christian Bisanga, Dr. Márcio Crisóstomo