Is it a disaster in using body hair transplant?

body hairBody Hair Transplant Hair transplant is the best technique to regrow hair onto someone’s head if they have gone bald. It is easy to admit that this technique is the single way to get hair to grow if the person has total bald spots. Yet, hair transplant is not capable of making new hair. The hair has to be from some sort of donor spot on the body. Body hair transplant is a valuable method for people with little head donor hair. Hair transplant from the body is done via an FUE system to remove hair from any portion of the body as a beard, torso, or the legs. The removed hairs are implanted into the bald spots on the head. Here is a list of plusses and minuses of a Body hair transplant. Plusses of Body Hair Transplant By using body hair, the surgeon can transplant hair onto people who don’t have much donor head hair. Now, no method exists to make hair follicles. Plus, you can’t donate hair to another person, so only body hair from the person needing hair transplants can be used if they don’t have enough head hair to donate. Minuses of Body Hair Transplant While body hair transplant gives a lot of people a change to regrow hair onto bald areas, there are still minuses. Initially, removing donor hair that comes from elsewhere than the head is harder. FUE is very time consuming method, and taking hair from body instead of the head takes even more time to do. Plus. Body hair isn’t as good as head hair for transplants. The hairs are all different in size, length, texture and even the colour. Additionally, head hair grows as clusters of 1-4 hairs. These clusters are called grafts. Oppositely, body hairs always grow as single hairs. So, body hair doesn’t get the best results like head hair does. Ways to Make Body Hair Transplants Work Better The top method to get decent results via body hair transplants is by using a mix of body and head hairs in the bald areas. This tactic provides good bulk and makes it look more natural. Still, some body hair might be that with length and texture that is good. Typically, beard hair is a decent match for scalp hair due to its length and texture. No matter the minuses listed, body hair transplant is getting more popular and is helping many people who have lost their hair to get their self-confidence back. Body hair transplant uses hair that comes from all over the body and implants them onto the head. Therefore, if someone doesn’t have enough donor hair that can be taken from the head, the hair transplant surgeon can mix head and body hair transplant methods to help you to overcome baldness. From reading this article we let you decide whether using body hair transplant is a disaster in helping your hair loss.