Don’t get stressed out!

hair-stressRecent study shows that hair loss can be caused by Stress It’s well known that the majority of hair loss instances are due to aging. Statistics show that 40 percent of men loss a large amount of their hair by 35 years old, and by 60 years old, that figure rises to 65 percent. However, a recent study by Dove Men + Care has shown that every day stress in a man’s life can also cause negative effects. The study wasn’t referring to mental or psychological stress, it refers to stress men put on their hair every day in the normal course of their lives. In fact, if the men lead a very physically active lifestyle, they could be in for the worst results. Be sure your hair gets air An example of a huge hair danger is when a man gets out of a shower or if he’s stepping out of a swimming pool or leaving the gym after exercising. Why? Because hard toweling to get your hair dry causes lots of stress on it. Your hair follicles get weak when you wash them, so hard rubbing with a towel after that may damage them greatly. And if you do the same thing after getting wet in the pool or sweating at the gym, that puts more stress onto your hair. So how can you prevent this? Can you use a hairdryer? No! Heat on your scalp that close is even worse! Especially after going in a pool because they have chlorine in them and that makes the hair more brittle. Go slowly So what is the solution? Can you do anything to get your hair dry after it is wet? The pros say it’s best if you just gently pat your hair with a towel and if you can, let it air dry instead.