Dr Bijan Feriduni hair transplant repair case?

Revision Surgeon: Dr. Bijan Feriduni Patient Details: Age 36 Grafts: 3950 Details: A combination treatment of FUT and FUE with 3950 FU has been performed in a single day session to restore the hairline, temples and temporal peaks and to add density to the central core; A scar revision in double layer suture technique to reduce the width of the existing linear scar. Bijan Feriduni - Bald GossipBald Gossip Hair Transplant repair Hair Transplant repair Hair Transplant repair Bijan Feriduni - Bald Gossip                                   Dr Bijan Feriduni Profile Dr Bijan Feriduni offers aesthetic and reconstructive hair surgery, scalp reduction procedures by means of the expander- or extender technique and scar revision at his clinic. Restoring eyebrows, beard or moustache, sideburns, scar camouflage after facelifts, accident or burning injuries are a part of the monthly work. Also eyelash procedures became a significant part in the yearly work. Throughout the last 10 years, Dr. Feriduni has trained several European physicians and shared his experience and knowledge openly in performing “State of the art” FU-Transplantation.  Dr. Feriduni is a member of Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians as well a member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Feriduni’s philosophy is to provide each patient with a high quality hair restoration procedure, in which the patient’s well-being and personal wishes are of major concern.  A physician is always trained to become a good doctor but is not necessarily trained in human interest. However Dr. Feriduni feels it is of a fundamental importance that each patient, who suffers from hair loss is taken seriously. As a physician, Dr. Feriduni is dealing with people who often suffer from a lack of confidence and are expecting him to help them to achieve a new phase in their life. Each one of his patients confide in him with their hair restoration treatment as well as the ultimate result of the treatment. Basically the guarantee of the overall success of the patient‘s hair restoration procedure lies in the hands of the hair surgeon. Taking this into consideration it is of an essential matter that the hair surgeon is able to evaluate all options and limitations of his patient ‘s treatment. It is the surgeon’s task to inform his patient in the most professional and detailed way, to listen to the patient’s personal suggestions and desires and to guide him on his way to become a happy and satisfied patient. Thanks to Dr. Feriduni’s outstanding treatment level and thanks to the experience of his medical team, he is able to perform high density FUE sessions up to 3000 FU a single day or up to 5000 FU in a 2 days session. The understanding of the importance of “State of the art” hair transplantation surgery, the capability to perform ultra-refined surgery and the commitment to high ethical standards has made the ‘Dr. Feriduni Hair Clinic’ to one of the prominent addresses for any kind of outstanding hair restoration in Europe. More World's Best Revision surgeons have joined Bald Gossip....http://bit.ly/1U0w2YK