My bald head looks like an egg

Bald - Bald GossipTo have strong hair you need protein, and eggs are a super source of it, and eggs are a good part of keeping balance in your diet and help prevent going bald. They are full of nutrients, like Vitamins B2 and D. But will eggs help if you use them topically. Many masks for hair have eggs in them, which is said to prevent breakage and split ends, as well as dull, limp and thinning hair. Just look on the Internet to see lots of recipes for hair masks. They tout a mixture of eggs, either whole or whites, mixed with olive or coconut oils, as well as lemon juice or sometimes yogurt. It all depends on if you want to change your hair color, get more volume, etc. Eggs add amino acids The follicles of hair contain amino acids, which are a kind of protein. That’s why eggs are good for your hair, since they have protein too. As they say, beauty comes from within. But, even eggs can’t stop all hair problems like balding. People worldwide go bald, and it happens for many different reasons such as stress, hormonal, illness, inherited traits, and what they eat. But eggs are inexpensive and easy to buy, so why not add one into your next hair mask? If you leave it around a half hour, it makes your hair look full, strong and shiny. It nourishes your hair from the inside, and also contributes to your general state of health. Hair contains oil called sebum and the use of too much strong products on it strips this away and harms the hair and makes it break easier. Eggs have fatty acids that can balance the hair’s moisture and help get rid of flakes on the scalp and irritations. Full of Nutrients Eggs are vital if you want to remain healthy, this includes your whole body, not just your hair. Even if eating them or even putting them on your hair in some sort of treatment doesn’t stop you from balding, it can make the hair stronger. So, using eggs will make your hair less likely to break off or have split ends.