Hair Transplant Scar

Hair Transplant scarSurgery for restoring hair has been a possible choice for balding men for a long time. It both restores their hair coverage, and makes them more confident but this will come with having a hair transplant scar. It is important for men who had a FUT hair transplant surgery to take care of their scars well if they don’t want them seen. So, whether you just want to look good with short hair or you want to hide the fact you had hair surgery, managing the scars requires two factors: those that you can control and those you can’t. For instance, you need to find a doctor that knows how to properly place the scar, and who doesn’t place it in either a too high or too low position. Plus, if he doesn’t close it up right, you will be also left with a bad scar that is hard to cover up. But you can’t control everything, for instance, the genetics of how someone heals after surgery. Some people heal fast, some heal slow. This affects how the resulting scar looks and whether it is thin and smooth or it is large and bumpy. Scar Treatment Options A simple and low-priced way to cover a scar from a hair transplant is to grow long hair. A linear scar over the donor area at the back of the head can be noticeable with FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) technique. But long hair covers it up. However, not all men who had a hair transplant want long hair, which is why experts seek other options. Another way to cover hair transplant scar is with a concealer, which comes in different colors so patients can match it to their skin. It has to be put on every day because it is a temporary method. It will, for instant, come off in the shower. Brands such as DermMatch and ProTHIK are what most patients trust. DermMatch is a compacted powder concealer, while ProTHIK has greater water resistance and rub-resistant abilities. The problem with concealers is people don’t desire to take the time to put it on every day. Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is also another way to hide hair transplant scar. Compared to concealers, it is more permanent. The tattoo is created over the scars to cover them up, and it is done as close as possible to the person’s natural hair color. The cosmetic tattoo artist uses numerous needles of variable sizes and uses different colors for a more realistic look.