Hair Solutions for Transgender Men and Women

Transgender A lot of Transgender people who go for surgeries during their transition choose to have hair transplants apart from other therapies and procedures. There are so many things that need to be considered when a hair transplant is to be performed on a Transgender person so it is necessary to find a doctor with the right kind of experience. Patients that are undergoing a female-to-male transition (FTM) and those undergoing a male-to-female (MTF) transition have various challenges regarding hair restoration. It is important that both classes of patients undergo some changes to their hairline to achieve the results they desire. There should also be considerations for changes in the directional flow of hair and the potential for hair loss in the future. FTM patients need hair transplants to look more masculine. The hair transplants involve the transplantation of chest and facial hair in addition to changing the natural hairline. FTM patients are usually given a hormone regimen that promotes the growth of facial hair but the density is not always perfect. The hormones that are given to FTM patients could cause them to start to experience male baldness. There might need to be a thickening of the hair on the scalp MTF patients need to have a feminine hairline and fight male pattern baldness. Females have rounder, flatter and lower hairlines than males. The most important thing is to fit the hairline to the patient’s face in a complimentary or natural way. Wigs and hairpieces help a lot of patients but a lot of people will prefer to have hair that they grow and style in their own way.