Dr. Christian Bisanga


Dr. Christian Bisanga

Clinic Locations: Brussels, Belgium Practicing Since: 1999 Official Website Phone: +32 23447178 E-mail Dr. Bisanga

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Practicing since 1999, Dr. Christian Bisanga has over 15 years of experience in hair transplantation and performs both advanced FUT (follicular unit transplantation via Strip harvesting) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplantation exclusively at his clinic in Brussels, Belgium. His dedication to on-going education and patient care is demonstrated by his impressive results and regular involvement in a multitude of FUE workshops. Dr. Bisanga's reputation amongst his colleagues and his patients is second to none. Dr. Bisanga performs hair transplant surgery on only 1 or 2 patients per day and specializes in FUT, FUE, scar repair, BHT (body hair transplantation – using hair from various parts of the body to restore hair on the scalp), beard transplantation and eyebrow reconstruction. He also offers Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments and provides prescriptions for Propecia. Dr. Bisanga has the staff and experience to perform large, densely packed sessions of ultra-refined follicular unit grafting exceeding 4000 grafts when appropriate for the patient. He uses all the latest techniques including the trichophytic closure, microscopic dissection, minimally invasive blades and needles as small as 0.75mm, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and dense packing when appropriate for the patient. Dr. Bisanga is famous for his realistic and sophisticated approach to follicular unit extraction (FUE). Dr. Bisanga prefers using a manual punch over motorized devices with sizes ranging from 0.75mm to 0.8mm in size. He feels that using smaller punches can reduce trauma and resultant scarring to the skin and eradicates damage to the surrounding follicles - which can later be used for subsequent FUE procedures, donor permitting. Because manual extraction can be a slow and tedious process, Dr. Bisanga typically only extracts and transplants up to 1500 grafts daily (or 3000 grafts over 2 days). On the plus side, these tools this allow him to “feel” the punching process, minimize follicular transection and maximize hair growth yield. Slower, more calculated punching and extractions also enables Dr. Bisanga to strategically harvest follicular units from precise locations of the donor safe zone eliminating the need to over harvest in one particular area. Dr. Bisanga is confident that FUE, when done correctly, will eliminate dramatic reduction in the donor often resulting in a “moth-eaten” look enabling patients to wear very short hair with no visible signs of surgery. Dr. Christian Bisanga does not see FUE as in opposition to Strip but as a useful adjunct. FUE can be an excellent technique for those who wish to avoid a linear scar and wear their hair cropped short post-surgery but may not be suitable for patients with more advanced hair loss patterns. Unless a patient has exceptional donor density, Dr. Bisanga is concerned that extracting too many follicular units may result in patients having a visibly thinned out donor. Thus, Dr. Bisanga typically harvests only approximately 30% of the follicles available in the donor area safe zone and over multiple procedures. Dr. Bisanga is dedicated to natural hairline reconstruction and selects only the finest single haired follicular units for placement in the first two rows of the hairline. In order to create the most natural looking hairline and result, Dr. Bisanga typically densely packs up to 70 follicular units per square centimetre (FU/cm2) when appropriate for the patient. Dr. Bisanga is a member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and American Hair Loss Association, and of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians  


FUE Strip Body hair FUE (Beard and Chest) Hair transplant repair Scar revisions or FUE/BHFUE into scar Eyebrow reconstruction Beard reconstruction


Revision Surgeon:Dr. Christian Bisanga Details: 2613 FUE, comprising of 2013 Scalp and 600 Beard Scalp Hair 1. 649 2. 940 3. 340 4. 84 Beard Hair 1. 173 2. 427 PRP Therapy was used on both recipient and donor Patient had two previous poor surgeries, Strip and 2mm Plugs, leaving poor regrowth and scarring in the recipient and donor area.
Revision Surgeon: Dr. Christian Bisanga Details: This patient had one previous strip surgery and was left with diffused and pluggy result, especially along the hair line. Dr. Bisanga removed the larger plugs with FUE along or on the new hair line and redistributed further back, designing a new line and increasing the density over the frontal 1/3 to mid section.

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