Dr. Patrick Mwamba


Dr. Patrick Mwamba

Clinic Locations: Belgium Practicing Since: 1998 Official Website Phone: +32-2-538-4404 E-mail Dr. Mwamba

Doctor Bio

Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD received his medical degree from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium in 1998. Prior to specializing in hair restoration, Dr. Mwamba participated in a fellowship in general surgery where he developed fine hands skills and learned wound management and closure techniques. In 2000, Dr. Mwamba moved to the United States and began working with Dr. John P. Cole at New Hair Institute (NHI) and then MHR. Dr. Mwamba immediately fell in love with the art and science of hair replacement. His compassion for hair loss sufferers led him to dedicate his efforts, full-time, to the practice of hair transplantation. In 2002 Dr. Mwamba went with Dr. Cole when Dr. Cole opened his own clinic – the International Hair Transplant Institute (IHTI) in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to working with Dr. Cole and the International Hair Transplant Institute (IHTI), Dr. Mwamba has had the pleasure of working with many other excellent physicians including Dr. Paul T. Rose, and Dr. Jean Devroye. Dr. Mwamba is privileged to have learned and mastered the art of total microscopic Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). He is also proud to be one the early developers and pioneers of the minimally invasive Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT), also known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Due to the huge demand for FIT/FUE, Dr. Mwamba’s work is largely dedicated to this elegant procedure.


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Patient Details: Age 52 Revision Surgeon: Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD Grafts: 950 and total plug removal Repair_gallery_1-34-425-425-100 Details: This patient had two previous strip surgeries that left him with an unnatural hairline. The poor growth made the pluggy appearance much more noticeable. We decided to soften the hairline by removing the larger grafts from the hairline and repair the scars. Only the worst plugs were totally removed to maintain hair volume. The result was outstanding with a more natural hairline and less noticeable scarring in the donor area. The patient then wanted to add more density to the hairline and mid-scalp.
Patient Details: Age 38 Revision Surgeon: Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD Grafts: 101 Repair_gallery_2-35-800-600-100 Details: Our patient had a previous strip surgery prior to contacting MYWHTC in Belgium. During consultation, we noticed poor growth in recipient area with micro scarring and bad angles. In the donor area, the patient had a thin linear scar of 3mm wide and 13 cm long. The patient has coarse hair and good donor density. The goal was to fill in and recreate a new hairline because the patient prefers a shorter hairstyle to hide the donor scar. We recommended grafting both the frontal zone and the linear strip scar with FUE by FIT. Similar to FUE, FIT involves no linear scarring. Our focus today is the results we get in the donor from scar grafting. The scar surface was about 3.9 cm2 (13cm long/3mm wide). Knowing that grafting at low density (beneath 30 Fu/cm2) leads to better yield, we decided to graft at 25 Fu /cm2. The total number of grafts in the scar was 101 grafts. What lesson does Dr. Patrick Mwamba want to share here? 1. A donor scar of 3mm is acceptable and an elevation in the likes of this particular scar is low. But the contrast with this patient’s skin color and the anatomy of the strip scar (linear) attracts our sight and further reveals it. At the end, the scar bothers the patient because it doesn’t look natural. 2. Grafting the scar improved the scar color and just with low hair density, we broke the contrast and it looks pretty much invisible. 3. We also noticed FIT /FUE scars also known as white dotting. They are present in this case. Their anatomy blends easily with the surrounding area and it doesn’t attract our sight. Therefore it looks natural and normal and no one will pay attention to them. They are present but not noticeable, so our patient can enjoy a short hairstyle.

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