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I have had a fairly lengthy and frustrating battle with hair loss and hopefully my story will help a few patients in their research on finding the right solutions to address their hair loss. My hairloss dates back to 1997, when I first started noticing hair loss in my 2nd year of medical school. Having walked into medical school full of life and vigour, the thought of losing hair and looking ridiculous in your 20's was a very bitter pill for me to swallow. From being exceptional at football and also being very active with the Latin ballroom society, I became a bit of a recluse and was inventing excuses not to hang out with my mates. I did try a few products to no avail. It was not until my final year in medical school, that I realized that there were some safe & effective medications to battle with my genes. I was prescribed Minoxidil and Propecia and although I was a high Norwood 3 by that time, it did halt progression and I gradually accepted my receding hairline as surgical outcomes in those days were extremely poor. It was about 10 years ago when I bumped into an article about FUE and how it was progressively becoming more acceptable as a viable alternative to strip surgery. But having done a bit more research, it became apparent that FUE was still in its early days and that the outcomes were very poor and it was best avoided at this stage. A few years later, I became aware of a clinic in Europe who claimed to have pioneered a new technique which they claimed had far better results than FUE. Having come from an NHS background, wherein you are counseled by professionals who have have your best interests at heart, I jumped at the offer of having to fly and get operated by a so called master surgeon. It appeared to me that it was precisely FUE that was being performed and having had a background of Strip surgery, I felt the surgeon would have my best interests at heart and I had no hesitation in paying € 15,000 for 1000 grafts. The post operative period was uneventful and I was back operating within a week. However, only towards the third month, it had dawned in that I had a huge gap between the area that was transplanted and my existing hair. When I examined under magnification, it appeared that I had suffered significant shock loss due to the trauma associated with the surgery. On calling up the clinic, I was reassured that it was a common event and that it would reverse overtime. However at the end of nine months, not only had the shock loss not reversed,but also the transplanted follicles looked shockingly weak and wispy. To add insult to injury, it appeared that my donor area was ravaged and there were very few good follicles left behind to do any meaningful correction surgery. So technically I had to learn to live with a poor surgery. I did consider legal action, but having spoken to a few peers, it appeared that I had little recourse for legal action as the surgery was not performed in the U.K. I believe this unfortunate event shaped my entire career. I immersed myself in hair restoration surgery and had an opportunity to meet ethical surgeons all over the world and better my skills in hair restoration in general and FUE in particular. A few years of persistence and under the guidance of some great surgeons, I can safely say that my results are comparable to the best in the industry and also I have managed to assemble a highly motivated and ethical team. The entire process made me realize the trauma someone has to go through when subjected to poor hair transplant and me and my team always strive to ensure that no patient is disappointed in our hands. I believe this is partly responsible for us having some of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry. After 8 years of having to stick to ridiculous hairstyles and bucket loads of Toppik and other concealers,I had a corrective surgery supervised by my team and applying the principles of Third Generation FUE we have mastered over the past 7 years. Qualifications Bachelor and Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) Membership of Royal College of GP's (M.R.C.G.P) Diploma in Practical Dermatology (D.P.D) Memberships International society of Hair restoration Surgeons (I.S.H.R.S) The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (I.A.H.R.S) British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (B.A.H.R.S) British Trichology Society British Medical Association (B.M.A) British Association of Cosmetic Doctors( B.A.C.D) Recommended by The American Hair Loss Association Hair Transplant Network Bald Truth talk HairSite hair loss forum


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Surgeon: Dr. Raghu Reddy Grafts: 1307 Details: 33 year old Journo had 2 unsuccessful FUT's in the past and was desperate for a natural looking hairline as he was fed up of using nano fibres. His skin was really scarred in the transplanted area. We managed to get a much more softer look with 1300 grafts. He has stopped using nano fibres.
Surgeon: Dr. Raghu Reddy Grafts: 2718 Details: 52 year old fellow hair restoration doctor had an FUT in 2010. He was really disappointed with the outcome and started using a hair piece. We consulted him and qualified for around 2500 grafts to restore the frontal area. We managed to extract 2700 grafts. After photos are 6 months post-op.

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