It is better to have a hair transplant when you are young.

youngIt’s far more likely that there is a greater chance of having a successful hair transplant and a satisfied patient when a person is older, rather than younger. We believe 25 should be the cut-off as the youngest age that a transplant should be considered for genetic hair loss. When a patient is very young their expectations are very high “would I be able to get full density back or my old hairline back. When hair loss starts at an early age, the pattern is quite unpredictable, making it difficult to determine exactly where the patient’s pattern of baldness is heading. This pattern becomes more predictable as the patient ages, and their pattern stabilizes somewhat, allowing the surgeon to better predict the extent of future hair loss. Another important factor is the availability of donor hair for transplant – the size and density of the future safe donor area versus the recipient area ratio is uncertain and difficult to predict at a younger age. There is medication that they can take to stop or slow down hair loss but we advise them to see their doctor and a hair consulted before they start the medication.

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