Repair my Patchy Beard

bearded-bgWhy Do You Have a Patchy Looking Beard? Do you have a patchy looking beard or thinning hair on your head? If so, it is possible it is being caused by a hormonal imbalance and you might desire hair transplant revision. Testosterone is the male reproductive hormone usually connected with masculine features, such as beards and other facial hair. If a man has too little testosterone than they may not be able to grow a beard and could need facial hair transplant repair? However, its not just hormones that you can say causes a need for a transplant repair due to patchy facial hair. There are lots of additional reasons for your patchy beard problem, these include: Your genetic character It’s a fact that whether or not a man can grow a decent beard depends on his genes. Take a look at your male relatives and you will soon be able to figure out if your lack of beard hair is genetic or not. If your male relatives all have great looking facial hair and don’t look like they had any facial repair hair transplant, then you may also count on having great facial hair. However, if not, than you want the best possible facial hair transplant repair to get rid of any patchy beard. You are too young? If the men you see all around you all have great thick facial hair, and you have a horrible patchy beard, maybe you just are too young to grow a lush and busy beard or moustache. Boys begin to grow their facial hair in their teens when they hit puberty and usually it keeps on growing into their 20s and longer in some cases. They may not ever need a facial hair transplant repair if they are lucky. So, if you are under 20 years old, and your beard is all patchy, give it a little more time before you start considering getting a facial hair transplant repair as it could take a while to grow your facial hair out. What you eat Your diet is a big part of how healthy your hair is no matter if it is facial or head hair. All kinds of hair on both the head and the face need vitamins, minerals and all that comes from eating a healthy diet if you expect them to grow and not need hair transplant repair. So, be sure you get all the protein, minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids and iron to keep your hair strong and healthy and to avoid hair transplant disasters. You are not healthy Lacking vital nutrients in the foods you eat or eating a non-nutritious diet makes your body have a problem growing either hair on the head or on the face. So, if you don’t consume the right nutrients in the right amounts, this can make your hair follicles become damaged, and thus you could end up with a patchy beard. Your hair follicles are impaired Some people end up with patchy beards due to the fact that their hair follicles are impaired. There are multiple reasons this impaired state may occur. Some of these include having low testosterone levels, as well as not taking the correct care of your beard, using too much products like gels or creams on your beard, exposing it to bad weather conditions, or not cleaning it properly. You should attempt to discover the reason for your hair follicles to be impaired before you consider a facial hair transplant repair. How much will you pay to fix your Facial Beard? -