Repairing a FUT scar by SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

FUT repair 1Collecting good, strong follicles of hair from one area on the scalp and then relocating the follicles to another area is a process many people have had good results from. The doctor’s experience and skills are what will determine how well the process goes, and how well the donor area looks after the doctor harvests the hair follicles which will leave some kind of a scar. FUT, which stands for Follicular unit transplantation, is a kind of hair transplant procedure. It is normally used to extract large portions of hair follicles via making a horizontal slit on the rear of a recipient’s scalp. The hair follicles come from the donor area, which is a skin strip about 20 centimeters in length that is full of hair strand that will be repositioned elsewhere. FUT repair 2The strip is cut up into smaller pieces that could hold from one to six hair follicles each. These strips can substantially make the patient’s hair density much larger after they recover from the surgery. The resulting side effect when using this method, though is that the patient will have a long line-like scar at the place where the donor strip was taken. Scalp micropigmentation is an extremely vibrant process which can be used on any type of balding, as well as to cover up scars from previous hair transplant surgery or marks made due to some sort of head injury. Scars from FUT can be successfully masked by this action, and it also covers several additional inches around the area too. Some recipients even decide to layer their whole scalp area with dyes just in case they have more loss of hair not in the area that was operated on. So, if they shaved their heads, you would be able to see the scalp micropigmentation beneath the hair. Getting a natural appearing remedy for hair loss is the goal of any process utilized. The best outcome is if no one even notices the patient had hair transplant surgery. Then, it is a success and if you use two methods, it can even ensure this occurs more often. Scar from FUT could be seen easily if the patient loses additional hair from the donor area, and this can also happen if the person wants shorter hair. Luckily, scalp micropigmentation is obtainable to fix this problem if you have it. Attached to this article are 2 images (before and after) of how hair surgeon Dr Rogers repaired a FUT scar.