Repairing unskilled surgeon hair transplant

baldHair transplants gave bald people hope, but they didn’t realize one can sometimes end up causing an abnormal, plugged up hairline. Patients who meet unknowing unskilled surgeons saying that they would permanently cure their bald head by having a hair transplant. Some ended up with bad hair looking like a toy doll. It caused the transplant to show visible resembling doll hair instead of a regular looking hairstyle. Are you unhappy with the end result of your hair transplant? Getting a revision procedure could repair your transplant and make it look better. When selecting a hair transplant surgeon, it’s vital to pick one with lots of hair transplant experience including repair transplant cases, this way you will avoid unskilled surgeons. Former Hair Transplant Methods Former methods weren’t very good and caused hairlines that were not natural, as well as scars and visible plugs. Now, most of these former methods aren’t used. Transplanted grafts with two or three hair follicles make the result look plugged because the graft is too big. It also makes the transplant noticeable as fake and could also result in bad scarring. Plus, former procedures didn’t follow the way the person’s hair grows and that also isn’t natural. Lots of times, the unsatisfactory results were caused by old methods. However, it could have also been caused by poor skills by the doctor. A bad doctor with little skill performs bad transplants and the person could even have more hair loss. Hair Transplant Redo Operation Hair transplant redo operations rely on the kind of problems associated with the method used for a hair transplant the patient received. Problems caused by plugged up grafts can be corrected with smaller grafts, or more graphs to make their hair look more normal. Scarring in the donor area is also one of the after issues of hair transplant, which can be solved by excising the scar, and then closing the area with sutures. The FUE technique reduces scarring in the donor area by directly reaping the follicular units. Select a surgeon with lots of experience and skill when getting your bad hair transplant fixed.