2nd Anniversary of Serving the Hair Transplant Repair Community

We are so proud to announce that we’ve reached our second year of serving the hair transplant repair community. It's thanks to our competent surgeons, patients, members, family and friends, that we're celebrating our 2nd anniversary - we couldn’t have done it without you. So, what have we done right at Bald Gossip? We believe that having a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve has been fundamental. We amalgamated experience in the hair transplant industry, and made it accessible as a quality service to hair transplant repair patients. This community was sorely lacking in support for patients. It’s important to us that all the surgeons and patients receive a friendly and professional service from Bald Gossip. We place prime value in the safety of our patients and get the best advice and help possible for them. In our two-year journey, we have developed some really dependable and strong partnerships with surgeons across the globe. We are keen to expand the realm of this community and would welcome new hair surgeons commuted to delivering stellar service with integrity. If that's you then we would like to hear from you! Please contact Bald Gossip and we shall be in touch. Mean while here are the surgeons from around the globe that are working with bald gossip to help the hair transplant repair community. baldgossip baldgossip2