Strength of The Human Hair

  Strength...a lot of people might think that the human hair is fragile and weak. But they will be surprised at how strong the human hair is. To help it retain its strength and health, it must be well cared for, and it must be treated right. How strong is the human hair strength? The human hair is stronger than you think. A strand of human hair can support 100g of weight. This is the same weight that a bar of soap can support. A single strand of human hair can withstand a large amount of stress. An average human has about 150,000 strands of hair. If all the strands of hair are combined, they can support as much as eight cars. The human hair is so strong that it can withstand as much as 230°C of heat before it suffers any major damage. What makes the human hair strong? The human hair is majorly made up of protein. The protein it contains is keratin. This protein gives the hair its strength. A lot of haircare products have keratin added to them for extra strength and healthy hair. When heat is applied to the human hair, moisture is removed from the hair. So, the hair cuticles get brittle and dry when too much heat is applied to the hair. When hair is damaged by heat, the hair starts to fall off when you are brushing it. This is one of the causes of hair loss. It is best to avoid exposing your hair to too much heat so it remains hydrated and it retains its elasticity. How can human hair be made stronger? The human hair can remain strong and healthy if the following procedures are followed:
  • Keep a diet that is rich in protein.
  • Style your hair minimally. Allow your hair dry naturally if possible.
If you keep your hair hydrated and free from damage, your hair will stay strong and remain healthy. Hair loss will also be avoided. If you eat a good, well-balanced diet, your hair will remain healthy. Meat, fish, egg and other foods that are rich in protein will give your hair the protein it needs. You can give your hair a chemical free treatment by using natural masks once a week. These natural masks will provide moisture and protein to your hair. You can use eggs, olive oil and avocado to create natural masks. If you are suffering from hair loss, the tips described above will help you. But, if your hair loss is severe, you might need a hair transplant surgery to get your hair back to normal. Ensure you visit a good trichologist and get a proper consultation before you opt for this surgery. This way, you will avoid a hair transplant disaster. After the hair transplant procedure, you still need to follow the procedures mentioned in this article to keep your hair healthy and strong.