Ways to Grow Hair Quicker

grow_hairWe get a lot of emails asking how to grow donor and native hair back quickly after a hair transplant. Hopefully this article will help to speed up your growth. So, lots of things help hair grow quicker, such as eating adequate amounts of protein, along with healthy portions of iron, zinc and vitamins C and B. Plus, it’s vital to get enough fat into your diet as well. Larger doses of vitamins B and C are said to help facilitate hair growth. That’s because vitamin B has riboflavin and biotin, and these are good for longer and healthier hair; while Vitamin C helps to prevent damaged or weak hair. If you don’t get enough Vitamin C, your hair will get dry, dull and break easier than someone who gets plenty of it. You can take in Vitamin B by consuming seafood, leafy spinach, along with oatmeal, and wholegrains. Other things that facilitate long and fast growing hair are protein, iron, zinc, and fat. Why? Because protein has keratin, and that is what makes up hair. So, to grow more hair you need this, along with amino acids that are only found in proteins. That means that protein is the most vital nutrient to make your hair grow quicker. Iron and zinc have their own vital role to make hair grow fast. Iron helps to transmit oxygen to the hair follicle cells, while zinc aids in repairing and growing new tissue, which also includes your hair. Fat may be considered bad for some things, but you have to have it to grow hair faster as it aids in keeping vitamins in sync with your system and aids in maintaining healthy hair. What this means is that it aids in integrating the vitamins needed for healthy hair growth like A, D, E, and K. So, now you know that lots of vitamins and nutrients help to facilitate longer, healthier and faster growing hair, and the more of these you consume, the better things will be for you in the future.